Protecting Oneself from the Witch-Hunt

Following the “Unite the Right” rally, the forces of left-wing political correctness began ruthlessly cracking down on the Alt-Right like never before.  Alt-Right websites are being shut down, Alt-Right online fundraising accounts are being disabled, Alt-Right private online networking forums are being deactivated, Alt-Right activists are being doxxed, Alt-Right activists are losing jobs, absolutely frivolous lawsuits are being filed against Alt-Right activists and organizations, leftists are physically beating up Alt-Right activists and throwing acid in their faces to cause blindness, government actors are openly denying Alt-Right speakers the ability to rent rooms at public venues in clear violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the media is in a frenzy like never before.

“It is a state of crisis” is how one Alt-Right individual recently described the current situation.  The same individual predicted that the situation will only grow worse as time goes by.

The Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., unapologetically supports the right to freedom of speech and freedom of association for all people of all political persuasions, which are rights that are fundamental to the Western and American legal traditions and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  So that Alt-Right activists are not victimized for having political views that left-of-center people find disagreeable, a number of preventative and mitigating measures can be taken, which are available on FMI’s website as guides (or at least they are on FMI’s website until the SPLC gets it shut down for engaging in crime-think):

How the Alt-Right Activist Can Avoid Being Doxxed

What Alt-Right Activists Can Do When Doxxed By The Politically-Correct Left

The Alt-Right Activist's Guide To Dealing With The Media

Postering Advice For The Alt-Right Guerrilla Activists

The Alt-Right's Legal Defense Guide

It is becoming clear that the August 12, 2017, disaster was orchestrated by Charlottesville and Virginia government officials who willfully refused to maintain law and order.  Law enforcement officials were given “stand down” orders, which permitted anarchy to run rampant.  The deliberately orchestrated anarchy is now serving as pretext to undermine the First Amendment, which is now seriously threatened in the United States.

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