Jail Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer, an Alt-Light “journalist” with The Rebel, rushed the stage during a showing of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in Central Park on June 16, 2017, to juvenilely interrupt the play.  As the audience booed her for disrupting their evening, Loomer the Loser whined, “Stop the normalization of political violence against the Right.  This is unacceptable. * * * You guys are racist.”

Loomer’s conspirator, Jack Posobiec, then stood up and yelped at the audience, “You are all Goebbels.  You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels.”

Loomer and Posobiec apparently took offense to Julius Caesar—who is murdered in the play—being depicted as Donald Trump, and were compelled to interrupt it as a publicity stunt.  It is, however, asinine for Loomer and Posobiec to think that watching a Shakespearean play with a modern twist would induce someone to engage in violence.  (If watching a show proximately leads to violence, then Red Dawn should have resulted in the country being overrun by right-wing militiamen long ago.)

Loomer was arrested for trespass and disorderly conduct and taken to jail to be booked; no criminal charges have yet to be filed against Posobiec.

Following the incident, Loomer began soliciting donations to hire a criminal defense lawyer via WeSearchr.  On June 17, Loomer hypocritically announced on Twitter that she would attend a “free speech rally” on June 25 in front of the White House with Posobiec.  Loomer and Posobiec will be joined by Lucian Wintrich, who is currently defaming Richard Spencer by baselessly alleging that Spencer engages in sexually perverse activities and writing as such on Twitter by wrongfully discounting that defamation and false light are not privileged per the First Amendment and that false allegations of sexual misconduct are considered defamatory per se.

Loomer and Posobiec apparently suffer from the delusion that they enjoy a free speech right to interrupt a play by heckling during it.

Attorney Marc Randazza—who is arguably the foremost First Amendment litigator in the United States and who currently represents Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer in the federal lawsuit filed against him by attorneys of the Southern Poverty Law Center—opined on Twitter that Loomer and Posobiec enjoyed no free speech right to disrupt the play.

The performance of Julius Caesar that Loomer and Posobiec interrupted was not a public forum at which attendees were free to share their views about the production.  By interrupting the play, Loomer and Posobiec infringed upon the rights of the theatergoers and the theater.  These two clowns are no better than the Antifa thugs who try to shut down right-of-center events because they find them objectionable.

Political discourse is cheapened when hecklers interrupt the speech of others.  Instead of contributing to the marketplace of ideas, Loomer and Posobiec tried to shut it down.  Only disgust and contempt should be felt for their actions.

Loomer has taken to social media to relay that she has no remorse for what she has done.  Justice requires that she be punished severely to teach her a lesson about the need to act civilly—which most people learn by the time they complete Kindergarten.

Instead of #FreeLaura, it would be much more appropriate to #JailLaura.

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