City of Whitefish’s Secret Plan to Undermine Richard Spencer

By filing a public records request, the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., was able to obtain a treasure trove of information concerning the City of Whitefish’s response to the residency of Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute.

What was discovered is alarming:

  • John M. Muhlfeld, the mayor of the City of Whitefish, complained about being “Trumped” by CNN not giving him adequate publicity.

  • Rabbi Francine Roston personally spoke with Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, who advised that the government should not make public statements about Spencer.  Nevertheless, Rabbi Roston’s advice to governmental actors was to “go public and shape the narrative to try to shut this down.”

  • In the government’s possession is a dossier containing all media articles that mention Spencer.  The dossier is apparently circulated among governmental actors and left-wing non-governmental activists to oppose Spencer.

  • Governmental officials circulated a memorandum to businesses about how to oppose “trolling.”  Instead of confronting “trollers,” the government encouraged that they instead be reported to social media providers.

  • Mary VanBuskirk, the then-city attorney for Whitefish, issued a memorandum—after being asked to do so by governmental actors—about how the city council can implement ordinances to usurp the free speech and free association rights of Spencer.  Ms. VanBuskirk noted in pertinent part, “We can expect that if the City enacts a no-hate ordinance focused only on prohibiting certain speech or expression believed hateful, the City would be unable to meet the neutral, non-content requirement of the First Amendment.”

  • Governmental actors were inundated with emails from (((concerned citizens))) throughout the United States who encouraged the mayor of Whitefish to take action against Spencer.

  • Governmental actors and the executive director of the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce debated in an internal memorandum about slurring Spencer as a “white nationalist alt-right leader” or a “white nationalist activist.”  They did not want to “feed this guy’s ego by calling him a ‘leader.’”

  • Governmental actors are clearly acting in concert with the leftist group called “Love Lives Here” with the intent of combating Spencer.

  • (((Journalists))) showed their true and very biased colors in corresponding with Whitefish governmental actors with the apparent expectation of privacy.  It is clear that the (((journalists))) and the governmental actors intended to slur Spencer via harmful press coverage.

  • The governmental actors were pleased when Spencer opined during an interview that he did not want to do any interviews about Whitefish.  Clearly, the governmental actors were eager to suppress Spencer’s speech rights and were thrilled at the prospect of self-censorship.

  • The governmental actors monitored Spencer’s event at Texas A&M University with interest.

  • Governmental actors expressed worries about Freedom of Information Act requests being filed, which would result in materials being released.

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