The Alt-Right’s Legal Defense Guide

The American Alternative Right (“Alt-Right”) movement has been gaining ground in recent years, much to the chagrin of the political establishment and social justice warriors (“SJW”)—who are the tyrannical vanguards of political correctness.

A dissertation on the Alt-Right’s philosophical inclinations was recently written by Milo Yiannopoulos, which basically posits that the Alt-Right presents itself as an alternative to mainstream conservatism:  its adherents emphatically oppose multiculturalism, immigration, the dogma of diversity, and political correctness, but ardently support race realism and Western culture.

Google Trends reveals that the use of the term "Alt Right" by major newspaper publications has skyrocketed since October of 2015:

“Social Justice Warrior” is a pejorative term—invented by the Alt-Right—for a person who promotes leftist social views, such as advocating for radical feminism, multiculturalism, and civil rights, and who promotes egalitarian ideas on race and gender—which SJWs purport to be mere social constructs.

Google Trends reveals that the use of the term "Social Justice Warriors" by major newspaper publications has been steadily increasing since 2013:

SJWs actively—and frequently violently—oppose the right of American citizens to dissent from political correct orthodoxy.  This is best exemplified by “Trigglypuff”—the morbidly obese leftist who protested—by yelling, swearing, and thrusting her arms up and down so fast that it appeared she began to hyperventilate—a recent event hosted by the College Republicans of the University of Massachusetts which featured Yiannopoulos as a speaker.  When Trigglypuff was mocked online for her juvenile and disgusting behavior, other SJWs came to her defense and demanded that disciplinary action be taken against people who offered commentary about her.

SJWs attempt to safeguard political correctness by usurping the free speech rights of those whose beliefs SJWs find objectionable.  Specifically, SJWs:  (1) attempt to shut down events by shouting down the speakers or contacting the providers of the venues in attempt to get them to rescind the opportunity for Alt-Right events to be hosted—such as the cases of the 2010 American Renaissance conference in Washington, D.C., and the 2014 National Policy Institute conference in Hungary—; (2) defame and tortiously interfere with the private employment of political dissidents—such as the cases of John Stortstrom, Frank Borzellieri, and Jason Richwine—; and (3) outright physically attack Alt-Right activists—such as the case of the Ashford House incident in Tinley Park, Illinois:

SJWs many times commit torts for which they can be sued:  assault, battery, tortious interference, defamation, invasion of privacy, civil conspiracy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

If you have been victimized by a SJW, you should document all information—who, what, where, when, how—in writing as the situation unfolds so as to not lose sources of evidence through memory loss as time passes.  Additionally, evidence should be safeguarded, such as by preserving pertinent emails, letters, and Internet posts—via screenshots—, and by photographing injuries.

If police officers become involved in an altercation, it can be prudent to get said officers’ badge numbers or business cards so that the procurement of their written reports can be sought thereafter.

SJWs break laws and can be criminally prosecuted for doing so.  Although it is prosecutors who have discretion to bring forth criminal charges, it is up to the victims of the SJWs to document their criminal misconduct and to timely report it to the police.

An Alt-Right activist who has been targeted by SJWs for harassment of any kind should consult with licensed attorneys in their state to timely initiate a civil action if the facts and law warrant it.