December 11, 2016

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Executive Director Kyle Bristow
(P):  (248) 838-9934
(E):  BristowLaw@gmail.com
(W):  www.FreedomFront.org

Detroit, Mich. -- Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff has joined the board of directors of the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., which is an Alt-Right non-partisan educational and civil rights organization modeled after the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.  Its mission is “to educate the public about the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution and people who and organizations which strive to usurp said freedoms.”

Enoch is the founder of The Right Stuff, which is a major Alt-Right "political and cultural" website established in December of 2012 that contains edgy podcasts, thought-provoking commentary, and a forum in which members can network to coordinate their activism.

Founded on March 23, 2016, FMI has aggressively established itself as the muscle behind the Alt-Right phenomenon.  Enoch joins five attorneys, a law student, and a journalist who already serve on its board of directors.

Since being founded, FMI has developed—and continues to develop—a network of attorneys who are licensed to practice law in seventeen different jurisdictions and who are eager to advance its mission in the courts of public opinion and law.  Accomplishments of FMI so far include:

  1. Developing a website which contains invaluable resources that can be utilized by our activists—including links to guides about constitutional rights, an informative article entitled “Postering Advice For Alt-Right Activists,” and a wildly popular article entitled “What Alt-Right Activists Can Do When Doxed By The Politically Correct Left.”
  2. Hosting an event that was attended by approximately fifty people in Lansing, Michigan, at which James Edwards of The Political Cesspool lectured about the Alt-Right movement.
  3. Co-sponsoring with the National Policy Institute and Identity Evropa an amazing weekend-long conference in July of 2016.  Over sixty attendees toured the ruins of Detroit, met during one evening for informative speeches at a scenic location—with an open bar and catered hors d'oeuvres—, explored the Detroit Institute of Arts, met for brunch in a swank suburb bistro, and enjoyed a dinner at a private room of a traditional Polish restaurant in a Polish enclave of Southeast Michigan.
  4. Referring Alt-Right activists who need assistance to attorneys, and on one occasion already, an FMI-affiliated attorney represented pro bono an Alt-Right activist who was caught hanging up posters on a college campus.
  5. Educating public university administrators about their constitutionally-mandated obligation to not discriminate against Alt-Right activists and drawing attention to those who fail to do so.

“We are thrilled to have Mike Enoch on our team,” FMI Executive Director Kyle Bristow said.  “Enoch has a brilliant mind, is passionately driven about advancing the interests of our people, and is truly a hero of the Occident.”

FMI is a non-partisan educational organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public foundation operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  FMI does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates or proposed legislation.  Contributions to FMI by individuals, corporations, and foundations are tax-deductible.

To donate, please mail a check or money order made out to “Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.” to:

Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.
P.O. Box 381164
Clinton Twp., MI 48038

Please be sure to include your name and mailing address with your donation so that a tax-deductible donation receipt can be mailed back to you.

Alternatively, payment by credit card can be made via the
website of GuideStarwhich rates FMI as a platinum participant.  (The online donation feature is immediately below the header and above the taskbar.)