FBI Releases File On Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith

The FBI released documents they have in their file on Ian Smith, the last prime minister of Rhodesia.  Apparently the FBI was worried that Smith faced the possibility of assassination while visiting the United States.

Ian Smith once appeared on the television talk show of William F. Buckley, Jr.  Buckley, who founded National Review magazine and who was a major influence of the rise of neo-conservatism, challenged Smith to desegregate Rhodesia and asked Smith what he thinks Rhodesia would be like if Europeans did not govern.

The White conservative government of Rhodesia was overthrown by African communists, and Rhodesia--which was once considered "the jewel of Africa" due to its prosperity--became Zimbabwe.  An estimated fifteen percent of Zimbabweans have HIV/AIDS, the people are so poor that the Zimbabwean ambassador to the U.S. quipped that eating rats there is "a delicacy," and the corrupt dictator of Zimbabwe--Robert Mugabe--is so absurdly stupid that his government was tricked into believing that a witchdoctor could procure gasoline from rocks.